Santa Tom Gates                   ​360-423-3742

Santa Russell Campbell      971-708-0007

Santa Bret Gold                      541-992-6721

Santa & Mrs. Claus Together

Santa Bill Kerner                    360-608-3670  

Santa Ted Rusk                      541-487-4787

Santa Pat Lewis & Mrs. Claus Helen Lewis                    503-871-5732

Mrs. Claus Nicole Palazuelos    503-270-0890

Santa Mark Larson                 503-528-4695

Mrs. Claus Helen Lewis           503-871-5732

Mrs. Claus

Santa Richard Green​              503-888-8827

Eartha Ever Green                   503-936-3376

Santa Jim Moore​                     360-713-4954

Santa Bill Kenney                   503-626-6937  

Santa Jim Wood                     360-772-2141

​Santa's Pack Member List

Feel free to contact the Holiday Performer of your choice!

Please remember that Santa's Pack is not a union or agency! 
Members of Santa's Pack may be "Real Bearded" or "Designer Bearded".

We remind the public that the members of Santa's Pack are independent business persons who have discovered the joy of being a Holiday Performer. You will find in our ranks many years of experience and professionalism.

While we expect our members to maintain high standards at all times and to present their chosen character in a professional manner, each individual member is in charge of their own business dealings with the public.

Just click on any Santa listed below for a picture and more information.

Santa Ted Mach ​                   360-666-5278 

Santa John Ghormley​​           503-285-4979

Santa Ted Welker                   503-964-3328


​​Santa Ken Texley​                    503-481-2858

Mrs. Claus Gail Holmes    541-350-3388

Santa Pat Lewis                      503-871-5732

Santa Bill Kerner & Mrs. Claus Laura Hurley                 360-608-3670

Santa Harold Morris               360-576-5164


Santa Mark Ramsey               503-285-4979

Mrs. Claus Marlene Morris    360-576-5164

Santa Jim Hughes                   360-274-8416​​

Santa Andrew Collins             541-753-1050

Santa Ramsay Cowlishaw     971-506-5491    

Santa  Cal Rector                   360-737-2617