2020 Club Officers:

Jim Hughes - Co-Chair
Jim Wood - Co-Chair

Ted Mach - Secretary
Bill Kerner - Treasurer

Santa's Pack Mission Statement
"The main purpose of Santa's Pack is to promote and share the experience of being
Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and/or one of his many Elves and Reindeer."

What We Believe:

Welcome to Santa's Pack!  Our membership is open to any person who desires to experience and share the joy of being a Holiday Performer. Prospective Santa Claus' may be "real bearded" or "theatrically bearded.". A Mrs. Claus may be traditional or modern. An Elf or Reindeer may be any age or sex. We are here to equally support the professional, amateur and beginning Holiday performer.
*We Share: Information, Hints, Experiences
*We Encourage: Ideas, Interpretations, Insights
*We Refer: Support, Assistance, Teamwork
At Santa's Pack you will have the opportunity to meet other Holiday Personalities. Our members come in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Some of us have many years experience while others are just starting out. We all supply and maintain our own costumes. Each of us take great care in building and presenting our own personality and "look." We honor your "trade secrets" ~ you may reveal only what you choose to share.
Each member of Santa's Pack set their own fees and maintain their own police background checks. Some members have a personal preferences as to where they like to perform. Some of us enjoy working in malls, others prefer free lance work. While many of us do employ agencies to assist us in securing bookings, each of us are independently in charge of our own schedules.

Many members of Santa's Pack will give discounts to charities, or not charge them at all.

While it is our intention to provide the people of the Portland/Vancouver/Oregon Coast/Willamette Valley/Southern Oregon  Metropolitan areas a resource for locating and selecting professional entertainers for their holiday events, Santa's Pack is, first and foremost, a source of support for our fellow Holiday performers.  We are not a union or an agency!  Our members are independent business persons who have discovered the joy of being a Holiday performer. We expect our members to maintain high standards at all times and to present their chosen character in a most professional manner.
Please feel free to bring photos, business cards,
and any other promotional material you have to our meetings!
The Santa's Pack website is maintained by member dues.
Please contact us at santapackpdx@gmail.com if you would like more information.

"The heart of each child and adult is important to members of Santa's Pack!" 

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