Santa’s Pack Bylaws

Document history:
Presented 20 April 2007
Revised 5 February 2010
Revised 17 February 2018
Revised 13 May 2023

Section 1.1 Name

The name of this Society shall be "Santa’s Pack." This may be extended to "Santa’s Pack ~ Portland/Vancouver’s First and Oldest Santa Claus Club.".  This was the first and oldest Santa Claus club in the Portland/Vancouver area.  We welcome membership from all who are interested regardless of locale as the group also now serves the coast of Oregon, southwest Washington, the Willamette Valley as far south as Eugene/Springfield and as far east as Hood River, Bend, and Redmond, Oregon.

Section 1.2 Motto

The official motto of Santa’s Pack shall be “Warming Hearts ~ Making Memories.”

ARTICLE 2. Object
Section 2.1 Object

The object of this society shall be to spread the love, joy, and gift-giving of the spirit of Christmas year-round by periodic social events, mutual sharing of expertise, training seminars and round-tables, as well as by media events, where the majority of members may travel to meet regularly or periodically.

Section 2.2 Purpose

Santa’s Pack shall promote skilled and educated performing, broaden Christmas holiday spirit awareness and serve as an advocate for Christmas holiday performers. We shall share our camaraderie with other Christmas holiday performer enthusiasts and the community.


The membership of this society shall consist primarily of individuals who portray Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Reindeer, Santa's Helper and other supporting characters, with all member voices being equal in discussion and agreements, and all paid members eligible to vote on club decisions made by the general membership.

Section 3.1 Performer Member Criteria

Agree to abide by club bylaws (this document).

Agree with the club purpose (see 2.2 above).

Pay required annual dues (see article 4 below).

Be in good standing in terms of conduct (see article 10 below).

Provide a current background check of themselves to the secretary for the current Christmas Season each year when dues are remitted.  Discount background checks are available through IBRBS.

Be a member or associate member in good standing of IBRBS (International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas).

Section 3.2 Non-Performer Member Criteria

Non-performer members are spouses, partners, other family members, friends, and interested parties who are not performers but wish to participate in club activities and operations.  Criteria A, B, C, and D above apply for non-performer membership.

Section 3.3 Rights

Each Member in good standing shall have voting rights and full privileges. Each Performer Member shall additionally have available to them a publicly visible profile page on the club website for photographs, links to performer’s website(s) and social media, e-mail and other contact information.  All members shall have access to club social media and contact information.

Section 4.1 Dues

The specifics of dues, fees, or assessments are addressed in operating procedures (see article 12).  The Santa’s Pack fiscal year is November 1st through October 31th.

Section 4.2 Funding

The club is funded by member dues.  Additional donations may be accepted.  Dues are set by the board, changes must be approved by the majority at a general Santa’s Pack meeting.  The board should consider all expected expenses of the club when setting the annual dues amount.  Expenses may include but are not limited to:

Maintenance costs of the Santa’s Pack website (  

Reimbursements of expenses paid on behalf of the club by any member.

Subsidizing the cost of an annual postseason celebratory event if members choose to have one.

Subsidizing the cost of an annual summer event if members choose to have one.

Section 4.3 Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the club, all funds remaining in Santa’s Pack treasury shall be donated to a charitable organization nominated and approved by a majority vote of the Members at the final meeting.

Section 5.1 General Meetings

Santa’s Pack shall meet at regular intervals, based on consensus and the operating procedures, with at least one meeting required per year.  Members should attend regularly in person as they are able, however, hybrid or virtual only meeting mechanisms may be used.  A quorum for meetings is a majority of the members in attendance.  Two weeks prior to a general meeting, an agenda will be placed on the Santa’s Pack web site and emailed to the membership.

Section 5.2 Meeting Notification

The exact times, meeting locations, and any virtual links for General Meetings will be announced on the club website and through electronic mail.


Section 6.1 Officers

There shall be at least five elected positions 




Digital Administrator


Elections for these positions will be held at the annual postseason celebratory event or as deemed necessary by the then existing Club Officers.   

Section 6.2 Qualifications

All Officers must be Members as described in Article 3 and be willing to serve in a position for a period of not less than one year..

Section 6.3 Santa’s Pack Board of Directors

For the purposes of Club operations, all Club Officers shall be considered concomitantly as members of the Board of Directors for Santa’s Pack.

Section 6.4 Ex-Officio Appointments

The Officers/Board of Directors of Santa’s Pack may accept volunteers from among Members deemed suitable to serve in any position/fulfill any function in an ex-officio role.  Those appointed to fulfill any function in an ex-officio role must be approved by the Club Officers/Board of Directors.  Ex-officio appointees may attend all meetings of Club Officers, Committees and Boards but may not be considered as voting members of those groups unless specifically approved by the specific Board, Committee, or other sub group members.


Section 7.1 Elections

Holding office is at the will of the Santa’s Pack Members, and can be changed by consensus at any time, and recorded. Elections for all positions will be considered at least annually.

Section 7.2 Vacancies

Vacancies in any office shall be filled by a club Member in good standing appointed by a consensus of the membership.  Term of service shall be 1 year or until the next regular election of officers.  See section 6.4 above.

Section 7.3 Removal

Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a majority vote of members present at a general meeting following a discussion of the cause. The vote must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days – in the agenda) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time, meeting location, and the cause.

Section 8.1 Voluntary

Appointments and Committees are positions in the club that are of a voluntary nature.

Section 8.2 Committees

As Santa' Pack’s needs change, committees will be formed based on need, as either ad hoc or standing committees, and described in the operating procedures. Some examples may include: finance committee, program committee, membership committee, nominating committee etc.

Section 8.3 Executive Board

All officers are considered part of the executive committee, or as specified in the operating procedures, which will meet between regular general membership meetings. 

Section 8.4 Board Meetings

All board meetings are open to any Santa’s Pack Member.  However, the individual must contact the club secretary for detailed information.  Regardless of attendees present, only the Executive Board members may vote on matters considered by the Board until such time as a matter may be brought to the general membership for a decision.

Section 9.1 Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Santa’s Pack by a majority agreement of the membership there present. The process is the same for amending operating procedures, but by-laws require advance notice allowing members to read the original by-laws on the web site.

Section 9.2 Effective Date

Bylaw changes will take effect upon determination of the final result of any vote on proposed changes.

Section 10.1 Conduct

Any member of the club may be dismissed from a club meeting, activity or membership as a result of inappropriate behavior. The member shall be warned concerning such inappropriate conduct by any board member. The following shall be the basis for, but not limited to, inappropriate behavior and disciplinary measures:

Being drunk or otherwise intoxicated while performing in costume.

Obnoxious and/or obscene behavior that is detrimental to the image of the club.

Appearing in public for performance in a dirty, worn or otherwise unacceptable appearance.

Using obscene language while performing in costume.

Any behavior that would harm or otherwise compromise the image of the Christmas community.

Section 10.2 Appearance

All members participating in any public club event or in a personal public appearance:

Shall wear clothing that is clean in appearance and appropriate for the purpose of the event or appearance.

Shall keep a proper holiday spirit and attitude at all times.

Shall refrain from alcohol and other intoxicating substances before and during any performance event or appearance on behalf of and representing the club.

Section 10.3 Character Expression

Each Performer Member shall have the freedom to express their interpretation of their holiday character. This should be done with an informed understanding of Christmas, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Helper, or other character lore and history relevant to the character they choose to portray.

Section 11.1 Non-members

Non-member guests and visitors are welcome at general meetings and social gatherings of the society. Guests must agree to abide by club rules and standards of conduct. (Prospective club members shall not be counted as “guests” for the purposes of this section.)

12.1 Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Regular meetings are the critical backbone of the Santa’s Pack. The social component of the meetings being considered equal in importance to the business portion. TODO:  add something about virtual.

12.2 Members

Members are encouraged to attend meetings regularly. All Members have equal voice in discussion and decisions. All Members have equal opportunity to serve as officers and to serve on committees. 

12.3 Officers

Officer positions named in section 6.1 are the main regular officers. 

12.3 Committees

Ad hoc committees serving for a specific function and duration are preferred; however, standing committees may be proposed and adopted at any membership meeting. Having Chair positions of many committees seems to be a desirable outcome, such as Membership, Program, and Finance.

Section 13.1 Removal

Any member may be removed for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at a full meeting following a discussion of the cause. The vote must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time and location of both the cause and meeting. Removed members are not entitled to a dues refund.

Section 13.2 Resignation

Resignations are allowed with notice to the society and with all dues and fees brought current.