Santa Clyde Clevenger            (503) 551-1587

Santa & Mrs. Claus Together

​​​Santa Ken Texley​                    (503) 481-2858

Santa John Ghormley               (503) 285-4979​​

Santa Ted Mach ​                     (360) 907-3923  

Elves & Other Characters

Last updated 2022.09.04

Santa Thom High                      (503) 784-1622

Mrs. Claus Gail Holmes          (541) 350-3388

Santa Jim Hughes                     (360) 274-8416​​

Santa Pat Lewis                       (503) 871-5732

Santa Dean Coryell                  (503) 816-8448

Santa Pat Lewis & Mrs. Claus Helen Lewis                    (503) 871-5732

Santa Rod Mongenel             (971) 26-SANTA  

Santa Mitch McDougal          (503) 913-3576

Santa Mark Larson                 (503) 528-4695

Mrs. Claus Helen Lewis          (503) 871-5732

Mrs. Claus

Santa Jim Wood                      (360) 772-2141

Santa Russell Campbell         (971) 708-0007

Santa's Pack Members

Santa's Pack is not a union or agency.  The membership listed here are independent business persons who have discovered the joy of being a professional Holiday Performer.  While members are expected to maintain high standards at all times and to present their chosen character in a professional manner, each member is in charge of their own business dealings and Santa's Pack has no control over or responsibility for any member's performance, rates, or business policies..

Click on any member listed below (in alpha order by last name) for a picture and contact information.

Santa Bob Foster                  ​    (503) 548-8775

Currently we have no members portraying other Christmas Holiday characters.

Santa Tom Gates                    ​  (360) 423-3742

Santa Russ Campbell & Mrs. C. Tina Campbell             (971) 708-0007

Santa Ramsay Cowlishaw       (971) 506-5491